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NSA Servers

If the NSA is monitoring all of our InterWebz activity, how much porn do you think is on their servers?

What country are we living in – Part 2

14,306,667 people in the United States are collecting Disability Benefits. That is more than the population of Greece.

47,985,834 people in the United States are on Food Stamps. That is more than the population of Spain.

100,919,000 working age Americans are not in the workforce. If you added together the population of both France and Canada, you would have that number of people.


Currently, only 44% of Americans work. Meaning less than 145,000,000 out of the 316,000,000 or so American people are paying for everything, from doling out welfare and disability benefits to paying for our massively bloated government and all its programs…like the ones monitoring pretty much everything you do online or say on the phone.

You guys are OK with all that, right?

Personally, I’m tired of it. With the National Debt getting ready to punch through the 17 trillion dollar mark, the fact that the government is wildly out of control with no signs of growing any common sense whatsoever and with every member of the administration blatantly spinning BS into gold-plated BS (but BS none the less) and hoping Americans won’t notice or will simply forget because (insert name of reality TV show here) is on tonight is becoming…well, demoralizing.

It is almost like the American Revolution never happened. We have a king (The President), his court (The Administration), the Nobles (Congress) and even a court jester (put your fav politico or VP Biden here) ruling over the serfs. We won’t get into the Knights. They may be listening.

What country are we living in?

Highlights from President Obama on the Government Eavesdropping Scandal:

“There are some trade-offs involved.”

So, what do they have planned next? The government is monitoring phones and the internet, so would the next step be listening devices inside homes? Cars? How about cameras?

“We’re going to have to make some choices, as a society.”

No, WE aren’t making choices, but THE GOVERNMENT is. I would not choose to have the NSA track my cell phone and keep tabs on my calls, however the government has chosen to do so, without the consent of the people.

“(These are) Modest encroachments on privacy.”

As opposed to what? Implanting a tracking chip in my forearm? Or how about simply making all of wear patches sewn on our clothing indicating our ethnic background or philosophical beliefs? Oh, wait. Someone did that already.

“You can’t have 100% privacy and 100% security.”

Great job so far, Mr. President. Can we talk about Boston?

How is it that the NSA is even legally allowed to run this kind of operation anyway? I’m reasonably certain that the NSA’s charter limits them to collecting FOREIGN signals and intelligence and specifically prevents them from collecting data from US Citizens. I suppose that when your entire organization is essentially classified from top to bottom you don’t have to worry about that pesky Constitution, especially that Fourth Amendment.

“People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” – Ben Franklin

UPDATE: Does anyone really believe that this is limited to one cell provider?

UPDATE 2: Despite the many statements about how they aren’t listening to the content of the calls, some proud G-Men have proclaimed victory by saying that several plots have been disrupted with this NSA program. Funny how that seemed to work out.


OK, so the IRS is vastly overstepping its power to make life hard for conservatives and libertarians and at the same time aiding liberals and their ilk; In a very dodgy scenario, the “Justice Department” tapped a slew of MSM phone lines; The Benghazi cover up is gaining speed and everyone in the Administration is either (a) denying they did anything wrong or (b) passing the buck like a hot potato covered in fresh dog poop.

But the BIG MEDIA HEADLINE is all about Angelina Jolie’s boobs.

Not that I don’t appreciate the female figure or anything, or believe that one shouldn’t have the option of heading off something as terrible as cancer with surgery, but it seems like there might be larger, more far reaching problems in America at this time.

The current positions:

President Obama: “I didn’t know nuttin’ ‘bout it.”

AG Holder: “Ah ahm da law!” (use your best Judge Dredd voice, Stallone version please)

Jay Carney: “Um, well, um, you know, give me a minute.”

The MSM: “We don’t like you anymore.” (to the Adminstration)

Media Matters: “…” (Can’t make statement due to head being up own ass)

Libertarians: “See, we told you that Big Government sucks.”

Conservatives: “Quick! Form a committee to investigate!”

Everyone else is taking bets on who will be the fall guy and how long they will have to stay in a minimum security federal prison at taxpayer expense before they get our and make millions writing a book about how they were wronged by their superiors.

Or they’re looking at Angelina’s boobs.

Piers Moron



What can one say in face of mindless evil, other than to resolve to fight it with all every iota of strength and determination that one has?

People who would commit such an act deserve no quarter, now or in the future.


A question to those on the left:

If requiring an ID to prove that you are eligible to vote is thought to infringe on your Constitutional right to cast said vote, then is requiring an ID to prove that you are eligible to purchase a firearm considered to be infringing on your Constitutional right to bear arms?

Just curious.

Really? Really?

From the “You must be f#@cking kidding me” files:

Florida lawmakers are considering legislation that would ban those receiving government assistance from using their electronic benefits (EBT) cards at strip clubs, casinos, liquor stores, and gun stores.

Seriously? Instead of spending time doing something like looking for a job, These people can simply spend their time at the slots, get a few lap dances, pickup a bottle of vodka and then grab a few boxes of ammo on the way home?

I own a small business. I’m on the job 12 hours a day for six, sometimes seven, days a week and I can’t do that.

Meanwhile, the politicians keep taking more money out of my pocket so that some asshat can spend it getting hammered at Gloria’s House of Massive Mammaries?

Some days I don’t even recognize this country. Check that…most days I don’t recognize this country.

State of the Union

If it wasn’t for my already-really-bad-mood I would probably indulge in the following, just to start easing the pain of the next four years under this administration:

The State of the Union Drinking Game, brought to you by the folks over at the Daily Caller

  • Whenever Obama says “jobs,” pour eight percent of your drink down the drain.
  • Take a shot whenever Obama mentions the word “gun” or other Second Amendment-related terminology.
  • When Obama engages in class warfare, stab the richest person in the room with your broken beer bottle (which was broken, of course, by smashing it on said gentleman’s head).
  • When Obama mentions “green energy,” swirl your drink in a windmill-like fashion and pour it down the drain.
  • When the president says “debt” or “deficit,” take one of your friend’s beers and promise to pay him back later.
  • If Obama says “It’s the right thing to do,” scream “YEAH IT IS!” and chug your whole drink.
  • If Obama says “Let me be clear,” take a shot of vodka or translucent alcohol of your choice.
  • If Obama mentions technology or technology education, “mupload” a drunk “selfie” to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • When the President uses the passive voice, hit your neighbor the right, and blame your neighbor on the left.
  • Drink a vodka with Red Bull every time Vice President Joe Biden looks like he’s about to fall asleep.
  • If Speaker of the House John Boehner’s complexion looks particularly orange, pour a screw driver.

1.6 Billion


Check me on this, but this sure looks like an order for another 21.6 million rounds of ammunition for DHS (click the graphic for full size). Keep in mind that when I say another multiple-million round order, it is because they have put out bids for 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition in the last 10 months.

Yeah, OK, it’s going to a training center, but seriously…if you had every trainee fire 500 rounds, 21.6 million rounds would be enough for over 43,000 DHS personnel, and that’s just at one facility. When you ponder 1.6 billion rounds just for the Department of Homeland Insecurity, you have to wonder what’s going on. Seriously.

A bit of a tin-foil-hat aside: Considering the current shortage on the civilian end, huge government purchases would be an elegant way of keeping it scarce and the Proles relatively defenseless.