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Really? Really?

From the “You must be f#@cking kidding me” files:

Florida lawmakers are considering legislation that would ban those receiving government assistance from using their electronic benefits (EBT) cards at strip clubs, casinos, liquor stores, and gun stores.

Seriously? Instead of spending time doing something like looking for a job, These people can simply spend their time at the slots, get a few lap dances, pickup a bottle of vodka and then grab a few boxes of ammo on the way home?

I own a small business. I’m on the job 12 hours a day for six, sometimes seven, days a week and I can’t do that.

Meanwhile, the politicians keep taking more money out of my pocket so that some asshat can spend it getting hammered at Gloria’s House of Massive Mammaries?

Some days I don’t even recognize this country. Check that…most days I don’t recognize this country.

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